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Flip It is MADE IN Cedar Rapids, IA, USA. A mini version of flippy / tippy cup, where teams relay against each other using finger & flip it tabs to flip cups onto their tops. Recommend the use of 2-3 oz cups (not included).

How to Play:
1. Arrange the cups by lining up plastic cups along each side on the tabs of the Flip It board so that each side has the same number of cups. There are two teams in flip cup: one on each side of the board. Players take turn drinking the beverage in their cup, then flipping the empty cup from the Flip It tab until it lands perfectly upside down on the game board.

2. Fill the cups by pouring each players drink of choice into his or her cup. If no one objects, simply fill each up 1/2 to halfway up with their beverage. You can adjust the volume to match the amount that each person wants to drink. Keep in mind, however, that the game will be most fair if everyone has to drink the same amount.
  • If you're going to play multiple rounds of flip cup, consider playing with beer or another relatively low/non-alcohol beverage. Flip cup is a fast-paced game, and it can be dangerous to play with liquor.
  • If you don't drink alcohol, fill your cups with another beverage of choice. For an easier game, fill the cups with something that you like drinking. For a more difficult game, fill the cups with something that's harder to drink, such as hot sauce.
3. Line up on either side of the Flip It board. When each person's cup is equally filled, he or she looks across the table to find someone to "match with." The teams should be equal, and each person should be standing directly across from someone on the other team.
4. Yell "Go!" to begin. The first player from each team drinks the beverage as fast a they can from his or her cup. As the first player: when you finish your beverage, set the empty cup on the tab, open side up. The next player on your team cannot start drinking until you flip your cup in the air such that it lands top-side down on the game board.

5. Continue down the line until one team has finished drinking and flipping. The first team to finish wins. All of the cups should sit squarely upside down on the game board. If you wish to play another round: set the game board up exactly as you did the first time, refill the cups, and play again!

  • The second-place team does not need to finish all of their beverages, unless both teams agree that this is the rule. If you're playing multiple rounds, consider saving the beverages for the next round!

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